Taking the Cove by STORM!

Today the grade 4/5/6 classes had a couple special guests from the Summerside STORM basketball team: point guard Al Stuart (#10) and shooting guard Greg Plummer (#21).  These celebrities took time out of their busy schedules to come in and share the importance of Literacy and reading for personal improvement with our students.  We had a great discussion for over45 mins and the students were full of great questions and shared their favourite reading thoughts.

My favourite memory will be how both Greg and Al mentioned how they still have a passion for learning more everyday. They tied this to how being able to read allows them the opportunity to pick up new ideas quickly and everywhere they go!  We finished our presentation in the Gym with some great shooting tips and drills from Greg and dribbling drills from Al.  Thanks boys and good luck for the rest of the season you know ACC will hope to get many fans out to the games!!

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