Art Show Success

      Everyone who was at our Art Show on June 1st  knows that it was a great success. Not only was there a great selection art on display  but the goal of raising money to support two children in Peru to attend school was more than realized. Through the Pure Art Foundation and the effort and work of Amherst Cove students,  four children will be sponsered for one year of schooling. The cost of the uniforms are now included through the donation so an extra $10 was given to the Pure Art Scholarship program for students leaving for their secondary education.  It is wonderful that our students who are privileged to have a free excellent education have given that gift to other children.
      As well, enough funds were raised to make donations of $300 to our Music Program and to the School’s Literacy Initiative.
      It was the vision and commitment of Sharon Kamperman that made this all happen.  We are blessed to have her in our school community.  Thank you, Sharon!

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