Alternate Transportation Plan for Thursday, March 25, 2015

Hi everyone,
Glad to be able to say that the kids will be back in school tomorrow. However, transportation will be an issue. We received the following notice from the Board just a few moments ago:

1. All buses for Souris Regional School and the Colonel Gray Family of Schools will run as normal on Thursday.
2. Buses for all other schools will not be running on Thursday. Parents for these schools are required to transport their children to and from school. Parents are asked to follow the Alternate Student Transportation Plan as posted on the ELSB and School websites.

So the ACC Alternate Student Transportation Plan is as follows:
1. Parents/Guardians are asked to drop off their child(ren) at the main entrance to the school in the parking lot normally used for private vehicles (not the bus parking lot). Please follow the directions of staff that will be directing traffic flow. Only drop off your child at the designated spot(s) directly adjacent to the school walkway to ensure that they are not walking among traffic. We ask that drivers do not exit their vehicles so that traffic can continue to flow freely. After dropping off your passengers, proceed around the loop (by the garbage dumpsters) and exit the parking lot.

2. If at all possible, to minimize your waiting time please follow the proposed schedule based on your child’s last name.
a) For last names beginning with A-L: Drop off between 8:10-8:25/Pick up between 2:40-2:55.
b) For last names beginning with M-Z: Drop off between 8:25-8:40/Pick up between 2:55-3:10

3. If someone other than yourself is picking up your child at the end of the day, ensure that your child has a note to inform their teacher of the alternate arrangements.

4. If you must enter the school, please park in the bus parking lot.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience!!

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