Vote for Amherst Cove! Indigo Adopt a school program starts Sunday Sept 20th

Give a CLICK everyday from Sept 20th to Oct 10th to support our bid to be Indigo’s Adopt a school winner this year for PEI.

Top prize is $10,000 worth of books for our school library!

A newsletter went home today to explain how to go to the Indigo site and find and click on our School to Adopt us and that helps us towards our goal.

1. Adopt our school every day. It’s FREE!
Go to
Search our school
Adopt it everyday from Sept 20 – Oct 10 for FREE!
Each time you adopt our school, it gets closer to winning the Adopt & Don’t Stop Giveaway of
one of three provincial prizes up to $10,000 in additional support!

2. Go to our school’s page and make a donation.
Go to
Search our school
Make a $12 donation and it counts as 10 ‘adopts’ towards the Adopt and Don’t Stop Giveaway!
If you’d like to donate more than $12, thank you. Please break the amount into a $12
increment/per day to ensure that our school gets the most adopts.

3. Spread the news.
Use Facebook, Twitter or e-mail to get your friends and family across the country to donate to or adopt our school every day for free. school every day for free.

Thanks so much for your support in this new initiative for us here at ACC!


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