Football finals

Congrats to our ACC grade 8s and grade 7 girls teams who will compete Tuesday in playoffs for Flag Football.  Their revised/re-seeded schedules are attached below:

Tuesday A Playoffs
Field 1 girls (4) Somerset vs (5) Steelers
Field 3 boys (4) Somerset vs (5) Amherst Cove 2

Field 1 girls (3) Vikings vs (6) Amherst Cove
Field 3 boys (3) Englewood vs (6) Hernewood

After a win, the teams will be slotted into these finals:
Field 1 girls (1) Miscouche vs Lowest Seed
Field 3 boys (1) Patriots vs Lowest Seed

Field 1 girls (2) Bengals vs Highest Seed
Field 3 boys (2) Bucs vs Highest Seed

Top 2 teams will go to Provincials in east league. Girls are on June 15 A/AA and boys are on June 16 A/AA.
Good Luck everyone!

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