Just 4 more sleeps!

Here are a few things that you may want to know sooner than later:
1. Our Open House is scheduled for Thursday, Sept.8th. Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers will begin at 6:00pm, other teachers will offer 2 sessions (the first from 6:30-6:45 and the second from 6:45-7pm). If you have multiple children this will allow you to attend more than one session. At 7pm you are welcome to join us in the Music Room for a full group information session.
2. Our food and milk orders will begin on the first full week of school (Monday, Sept. 12). The Hot Lunches website will be updated and available as soon as we have all of the details and pricing worked out. We will be adding a very small “service charge” to each entree to cover the costs of using online ordering. Using this ordering system saves time for more important, instructional purposes so we certainly want to keep using it. However, the cost for the site plus PayPal service charges adds up. We are wanting to just “break even” and not lose money so the charge will be as small as possible.
3. We still have about 30 students with outstanding school supply fees in grades K-6 ($45) and almost all Grade 7-8’s for the cost of an agenda ($5) so please pay those as soon as possible. We will be sending out written reminders to those that haven’t paid in case you are unsure.
4. There will not be bus stops in “downtown Borden” until at least the “winter bus” time (December possibly). The Public School Branch guideline is that students within 1 km should be able to walk to school so that covers off the downtown area.
Looking forward to seeing you all back! Have a great long weekend!
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