Third Annual Playoff Bracket Pool

It’s NHL Playoff time so dust off your crystal ball and give our Bracket Pool a shot. This year, all proceeds will support our school breakfast program. As before, it only costs $5 per entry and you can enter as often as you wish. The format is simple, just pick the teams that you think will win each round plus a few extra questions along the way.

1st Place: $350; 2nd Place: $150; 3rd Place:$50; 4th-10th Place: Free entry in 2018

This year you can enter by submitting a paper copy or even easier (for you and us) complete the online form and follow the payment instructions provided. Students have the opportunity to earn prizes for selling pools so if you bought from a student (or just want to nominate a student) be sure to include their name on your entry. The playoffs begin Wednesday but we will be accepting entries up until 6pm (AST) on Friday, April 14, 2017.

You can enter by…

to complete your entry online.

Asking an Amherst Cove student for a form.

Visiting for all the latest pool news, including links to the paper entry form and the online form.

Please share this link with others that may be interested in our pool.

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