We are Going to the Movies!

ACC is Going to the Movies!
Posted on March 31, 2019 by rfgallant
We’re going to the movies! On Friday, April 5th, we will be taking all the students to see the new Dumbo movie at Cineplex Studios in Summerside. Our buses will depart at approximately 11am and return around 2:30pm. Because of that early departure, we will not be having pizza that day. Please pack a lunch they can eat early and if they are ordering popcorn, you may want to make it a light lunch. Thanks to previous fundraising efforts, the movie and transportation will be paid by us. If your child would like a snack during the show, they will need to purchase it in advance but it is not necessary – they can go without a snack if you wish. Prices range from $6 to $9.75. No outside snacks can be brought into the theatre. The easiest way to order a snack is through the HotLunches website. In addition to the current lunch schedule, you will see a schedule called “Movie Theatre Snacks for Friday, April 5th”. There are 3 size options available and you must also select a drink from the options provided. We will not be allowing children to take any leftovers back with them as we do not want the mess on the bus so please just order the size they can consume there. If you do not use HotLunches (this would be a good time to start) you can order through a memo that will be sent home on Monday. Movie snack orders must be placed no later than Wednesday at noon. Late orders will have to be turned down as we need to have certain things arranged in advance. At this time we are not putting a request out for chaperones; we may have enough staff to cover the activity (the theatre does not provide any free chaperone admission so we have to be respectful of the total cost). If that changes, we will contact you. You can watch a trailer of the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpeXbM5Xw9Qdumbo

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