Important Changes to HotLunches – Paypal No Longer Accepted!

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Due to recent changes implemented by the CRA, we (and other schools) are no longer able to use Paypal as a means of collecting payments through our HotLunches website. The problem arose because we (and each individual school) do not have a “business number” registered with CRA yet we required a business-type account with Paypal to handle the volume of our sales.
At the suggestion of the HotLunches parent company, we are switching to Bambora as a method of collecting online lunch payments. Bambora is a well-established platform for collecting online payments – they will basically serve as a secure gateway for you to submit payment using your own credit card. The payment screen that will appear at the end of placing your order should look like the one attached below. You will not need a Bambora account like you may have had with Paypal – it will be more like regular online shopping that you may be used to with other shopping websites. You will fill in your credit card number, the 3-digit CVV from the back of the card, and the expiration date to complete the order. As with Paypal, there is a small service fee charged back to the school so we continue to add a 5% surcharge on all orders to help cover the costs of Bambora and the HotLunches website.
The Late May 2019 order is now online. It is a 3 week schedule running from May 13-31. We strongly encourage you to place your order early so that we can help you troubleshoot any payment issues before it’s too late.
Thanks for your cooperation,
Bambora Interface

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