Rubber Boots in the Forecast for Grades 5-8!

We are pleased to be able to take our Grade 5, 6, 7, and 8 students on a guided tour of the wetland area beside the beach road in the near future. Jamie Fox and other members of the South Shore Watershed Association will facilitate the morning session which is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 13th (weather dependent). Students will be bused over shortly after arriving at school. After approximately two hours at the site, we will walk back to school in the late morning. Please be advised that students should dress warmly for the day and rubber boots would likely be a good choice of footwear. This notice is meant to give you lots of time to find/borrow a pair if needed. Our long term plan is to continue taking students each year (in approximately grade 4 or 5) so that eventually everyone gets this opportunity at least one time while at ACC.

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Bus Advisement

We have been able to confirm that a substitute driver has been secured for Bus #557 this afternoon (Monday, Oct 2) and all day tomorrow. Stops should be close to normal aside from a few minutes since the driver is new to the route. We appreciate your patience over the past few days.

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Late Bus this Morning – Oct 2

We just discovered that Bus 557 is not running this morning so Bus 511 will be going back out to pick up those students. The bus will be approximately 30 minutes late. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Late Bus Notice – Thursday, Sept. 28

Sorry for the short notice but Mr. Coughlin is not able to complete his run today so we will have to get one of our driver’s to do two consecutive runs this afternoon. Mr. Coughlin’s bus stops will be approximately 35 to 45 minutes late today. If you need your children earlier, you are welcome to come to school and sign them out. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Tami Martell Verbal Abuse Prevention Award and Rainbow Day

We are excited to be receiving the Tami Martell Verbal Abuse Prevention Award – presented annually to a PEI school that has made efforts to prevent verbal abuse. ACC’s Kindness (Tree) Campaign in the latter half of the 2016-2017 school year is being recognized, through the presentation of this award, for its positive impact upon the climate within the school.

To coordinate with the presentation, the Grade 8 Leadership Group is organizing “Rainbow Day” on Monday, October 2, to demonstrate that everyone is different in their own way and together that makes us beautiful! They are askingTHINK1 each class to dress in a certain colour and during the day we will take a group picture in the formation of a rainbow. The colours are:

  • Grade 8/Staff – Red
  • Grade 7 – Orange
  • Homeroom 5/6 – Yellow
  • Homeroom 3/4 – Green
  • Homeroom 2/3 – Blue
  • Grade 1 – Purple
  • Kindergarten – Pink


  • If they don’t have a shirt of that colour, we will try to have some extras on hand for the photo or they can dress in the colour of the grade above or below them and we can still make the picture work!
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Vesey’s Fall Fundraiser update – Bloomin’ Fantastic!

Thankyou to all who helped us brighten the spring in Borden with our tulip and bulb sales ~Borden area will be bloomin’ in the spring!  All orders are closed and have been posted in to Vesey’s. Families did a great job selling just over $3000 of products which raises just over $1500 in just two weeks of sales for our school and we hope that the product was a good low pressure approach to fundraising.  If you have any comments or feedback about it please email Mr.Quinlan.

We will post another update when our orders arrive here at the school and we are ready to send them home!  Thanks for your participation in our first fundraiser!

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Keeping You Up To Date

We use several channels to keep you informed of what is going on here at ACC. The following list is meant to inform or remind you of those ways:

  • Our school website ( is a great source of information. You can find details about upcoming events, links to resources for both parents and students, pdf copies of our newsletter, etc.
  • Our school Facebook page ( is great if you are a Facebook user. Unlike a webpage where you would have to go looking for information, Facebook posts come to you through your feed automatically if  you’ve liked our page. As a rule, we always try to cross-list postings to both our webpage and our Facebook page at the same time.
  • Your Parent Council (or Home and School Association) also maintains their own Facebook page ( and we make an effort to see that they also share our posts. In case you were wondering, we prefer not to merge the two Facebook pages into one. Keeping the pages separate allows your Parent Council to have its own voice on important issues that, as a school, we may not be able to comment on.
  • We use a Google Calendar to keep track of upcoming events. The calendar appears as an “Upcoming Events” sidebar on our homepage. There is also a link to the full calendar in the menu of the website. If you would like more instant access, you can follow the instructions at this link to subscribe to our google calendar on your cell phone or home computer. How to subscribe to a Google Calendar
  • Some classroom teachers use blogs or the Google Classroom platform to post information specific to their class. However, the use of these is optional for each teacher. If your child’s teacher uses one, they will pass the link on to you.
  • Teachers in the junior high area use Students Achieve to post assessment information throughout the year to keep you aware of what is due and how your child is performing. You can contact your child’s classroom teacher or the main office if you require login information.
  • We also use Students Achieve to send out mass emails on occasion to the school community or Hot Lunches to send out food-specific emails to the families that use that service. When verifying your contact information each year, please ensure that we have your correct email address on file.
  • We still follow the traditional practice of sending paper memos home in many occasions. To save paper and reduce duplication, if you have more than one student at school, the memo is sent with the youngest child since parents are more likely to be checking the school bags of younger children.

Thanks for taking an interest in your child’s education. Your partnership is essential!

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