Keeping You Up To Date

We use several channels to keep you informed of what is going on here at ACC. The following list is meant to inform or remind you of those ways:

  • Our school website ( is a great source of information. You can find details about upcoming events, links to resources for both parents and students, pdf copies of our newsletter, etc.
  • Our school Facebook page ( is great if you are a Facebook user. Unlike a webpage where you would have to go looking for information, Facebook posts come to you through your feed automatically if  you’ve liked our page. As a rule, we always try to cross-list postings to both our webpage and our Facebook page at the same time.
  • Your Parent Council (or Home and School Association) also maintains their own Facebook page ( and we make an effort to see that they also share our posts. In case you were wondering, we prefer not to merge the two Facebook pages into one. Keeping the pages separate allows your Parent Council to have its own voice on important issues that, as a school, we may not be able to comment on.
  • We use a Google Calendar to keep track of upcoming events. The calendar appears as an “Upcoming Events” sidebar on our homepage. There is also a link to the full calendar in the menu of the website. If you would like more instant access, you can follow the instructions at this link to subscribe to our google calendar on your cell phone or home computer. How to subscribe to a Google Calendar
  • Some classroom teachers use blogs or the Google Classroom platform to post information specific to their class. However, the use of these is optional for each teacher. If your child’s teacher uses one, they will pass the link on to you.
  • Teachers in the junior high area use Students Achieve to post assessment information throughout the year to keep you aware of what is due and how your child is performing. You can contact your child’s classroom teacher or the main office if you require login information.
  • We also use Students Achieve to send out mass emails on occasion to the school community or Hot Lunches to send out food-specific emails to the families that use that service. When verifying your contact information each year, please ensure that we have your correct email address on file.
  • We still follow the traditional practice of sending paper memos home in many occasions. To save paper and reduce duplication, if you have more than one student at school, the memo is sent with the youngest child since parents are more likely to be checking the school bags of younger children.

Thanks for taking an interest in your child’s education. Your partnership is essential!

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ACC Walks for Terry!



Students and staff will be walking outdoors around the track on the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 15th in honour of Terry Fox. Participants are encouraged to make a small monetary donation ($1, $2, or whatever you choose) that will be donated to support Cancer Research. Thank you in advance for your support!

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Our ACC Seadogs are starting a rockband and we need your help. We are in search of a few electric guitars and guitar amps. We figure you may be one of the many, many people that bought a guitar years ago with great plans to learn but alas, time has passed and the guitar does nothing but collect dust. So why not give it a shot at stardom in the hands of a younger musician here at ACC. Give us a shout if you’ve got something to donate – it would be much appreciated and enjoyed!



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Open House – Meet the Teacher

As you are likely aware from a previous memo sent home, our annual Open House takes place this evening. The start times depend on the sessions that  you wish to attend. We have tried to create a schedule that best suits the majority of families since some have multiple children in our school and may want to attend more than one session.

  • Mrs. Bryanton (Kindergarten) is hosting a 30 minute presentation from 6:00-6:30. She has many students with two or more siblings in the school so those families will be able to attend up to three sessions.
  • Mrs. Thompson (Grade 1) is hosting a 30 minute presentation from 6:15-6:45. She has many students with either none or just one more sibling in the school so those families will be able to attend a second session or only have to wait a few minutes for the full assembly to begin at 7pm.
  • All other homeroom teachers will be presenting two 15 minute presentations. The two presentations will be the same so there is no need to attend both for the same class.
  • Mrs. Howman will be hosting a 15 minute presentation for parents of Grades 3, 4, 5, & 6 students in regards to the band program and another new, exciting musical opportunity for this group of students. This session will be in the Music room from 6:15-6:30.
  • At 7:00 we will gather in the music room for a full-school information session that will last approximately twenty or thirty minutes.
  • To make the most efficient use of your time, we suggest working backwards from 7:00 to see how early you need to come to visit all the classrooms you require.

open house temp


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Calendar News…

We are starting off the year with great intentions to make better use of our Google calendar to keep you up to date on what’s happening here at ACC. You will notice an “Upcoming Events” sidebar on the left side of our school webpage as well as a link under the “About ACC” tab at the top right to the full calendar. It’s still a work in progress but it’s started. This year’s open house date/time is posted there (Instead of just telling you the date, I’m going to make you look for it to get used to the calendar!). If you are tech-y, you can even import the google calendar to your own electronic calendar with just a few clicks!

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Hot Lunches Update

We have the first seven school days loaded on Hot Lunches and ready to order. Visit to place your order. Please note that the deadline for this first period is Thursday. Sept. 7 at 8am so don’t delay. Your old logins are still valid. If you are new to the school and/or Hot Lunches, click on “The Filing Cabinet” tab on our school webpage to access the directions and access code to get started. The remaining weeks will be added (as soon as we can find the time). Gojis will begin later in the month.

hot lunches

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School’s Out…

All of us at ACC just wanted to take a second wish you all a SENSATIONAL SUMMER!

  • Congratulations to our leaving grade 8s!
  • Thanks to all our super volunteers throughout the year – your support was very much appreciated.
  • We’ll see all our students in the Fall ~ first day of school is September 7th, 2017!

Check out our fun-filled wrap up party pics!

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